Book Review: ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian

What first appealed to me when I saw this book was its Title. It was one of the most catchy titles in the recent times. Reminded me the title of the old TV series  Murder, She Wrote’. Then came the interesting cover in yellow. It made me want to read the book so bad, and now that I did, did it manage to keep up my expectations? Read on to find out.

Aditya Kapoor, the most popular author in the country, is living the dream- Successful career, a loving family, thousands of fans that adore him and immense fame. Then comes Shreya Kaushik, a head-strong woman and an aspiring author herself, who gets onto the nerves of Aditya, but later turns his ardent fan and eventually becomes his protégé. Smitten by her charm, Aditya seeks out an extra-marital relation with Shreya which turns his life upside down. What happens next follows the next of the story.

I have heard about Ravi Subramanian before, but never read any of his works until now. This, I heard was off path for his kind of books and that he has dared himself to write a mid-aged romance with an element of thriller in it. The book was a fast read, and I could finish it in one go. It managed to keep me entertained through out, without getting bored or the feeling of being dragged, but the story was predictable at certain areas.

Apart from the main theme of love, betrayal and redemption, The Bestseller She Wrote also dealt with the world of writing and publishing. These were some pretty interesting things to know for anyone who’s an aspiring author. It talks about many issues dealing with writing, giving subtle references to the authors currently popular in India, and some of the practices of the publishing houses where recommendations by a famous author plays a crucial role. But for someone who is reading this as just a reader, it might be a little boring and like an insight into the author’s own life.

Coming to the characters of the novel, they are not all perfect and have their own shades of grey, which I personally liked. Mr. Subramanian gave us characters not just to love, but also the kind of people we can think about otherwise. Aditya for example, might be a bestselling author, but that just doesn’t mean he’s all perfect and will be the character you will adore. And Shreya, isn’t someone who isn’t just a fan that isn’t afraid to show her affections towards her favourite author, but also a woman with one ultimate goal. 

The Bestseller She Wrote is a quick read that wouldn’t bore you, and is better than many contemporary romances written by so-called popular authors. However, the narrative and the characters seemed they were written more from the perspective of a ‘movie adaptation’, like many books today, rather than the reader. 

It has a story, though cliched and often predictable, but the thriller part  and the surprising ending made up for it. I definitely root for reading more romantic thrillers in the future. For the good narration and the way author perfectly blended love with the thrill factor, I’d give this book a 4 out of 5.

Details of the Book:

  • ISIN: 978-93-85152-38-2
  • Genre: Romance / Drama / Thriller
  • Publishers: Westland Books
  • Price: Rs. 295/- ( I got the book from blogadda for a review)

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